Papers – Volume 5

Volume 5

Volume 5, edited by Martin Limbert. Published 1998. Pp.(two)[i]-viii,1-65(five); eight figures and two drawings. Monochrome photographic cover and frontispiece (Wm Bunting, Adders). Price £2.50 + p&p £1.25

The Natural Harvest of Thorne Moors – Martin Limbert

In parallel with the direct exploitation of Thorne Moors peat, there has been a long history of garnering the moorland’s ‘natural’ harvest. This has involved taking and using the plants and animals living on the peat and associated wetlands, and locating and removing the preserved timber beneath. Published references, folk memory and modern experience collectively provide enough data to give some understanding of past attitudes to this elemental wealth. Most of the located information quoted here pertains to the 19th and 20th centuries. Details from the 18th century and earlier are included where available, but these references are added only for the contexts that they offer.

The main divisions of the paper are as follows:

i. The paludified timber
ii. Exploiting the living flora
iii. The invertebrate legion
iv. Cold-blooded vertebrates
v. Game
vi. Vermin
vii. Birds’ eggs
viii. Duck decoying
ix. The Thorne moors decoys
x. Casson’s garden