Other Publications

Forum Publications

There are a small number of Forum publications which are not included in the main headings of Technical Reports, Papers and Monologues.

The Forum sponsors an occasional Stephen Warburton Memorial Lecture, in memory of a dear friend and colleague who sadly died in January 2004.
The first Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr Henry Chapman, University of Hull, on the Neolithic trackway recently discovered on Hatfield Moors. A CD version of the lecture is now available @ £5.00 plus £1.50 post & packing.
Please note that Microsoft Powerpoint is needed to display the contents of the CD.

Alternatively a pdf overview of the lecture is available for download (3.41MB)

Unpublished Forum Reports

Before the numbered Technical Reports series were introduced in 1999 reports issued by the Forum, or produced for it, had been done individually, and lacked a numbering system at any level. All were unpublished, and mostly emanated from survey work in 1990-91, although a further report of this type appeared in 2001. They comprise the following:

J. Holland (1991) Vegetation Survey of Thorne, Crowle and Hatfield Moors 1990. Parts 1 and 2. A report of a survey carried out on behalf of the Forum. [Thorne].

D. Heaver and B. Eversham (1991) Thorne & Hatfield Moors Invertebrate Survey. Final Report and Appendices. Two volumes. A report of a survey carried out on behalf of the Forum. [Thorne].

C. Bain (1991) Thorne & Hatfield Moors Ornithological Survey 1990/1991. A report of a survey produced by the RSPB East Midlands Region on behalf of the Forum. Lincoln.

P.A. Seccombe (editor) (1996) A Survey of the Botany of Broadbent Gate Moor, Thorne. A report produced by Doncaster Naturalists’ Society for the Forum. [Doncaster].

P. Skidmore and R.J. Marsh (2001) Invertebrate survey of Thorne and Hatfield Moors 2000 with specific reference to Zaphne proxima (Diptera: Anthomyidae). Report issued to the Forum by English Nature (Humber to Pennines Team).

Copies of these reports are held in the Forum Archive, and are available for consultation by request to the Executive Secretary: Helen Kirk.

Non-forum Publications

The forum holds a small stock of relevant items by other publishers. The following are currently available.

Bluethroats on Thorne Moors

In 1996, ‘White-spotted’ Bluethroats nested on Thorne Moors, and males returned during 1997-1999. This unique event in British ornithology is described in detail in the following publication:
M. Limbert and Peter C. Roworth (1999) Bluethroats at Thorne: An Observational Diary. Lapwing Special Series No. 8
In 111 pages, this A4 publication, from the Doncaster & District Ornithological Society, comprises the following:

  • Colour frontispiece of a singing ‘White-spotted’ Bluethroat on Thorne Moors by Peter C. Roworth ARPS
  • Introduction
  • Meteorological notes 1996-1999
  • Diary of observations 1996-1999
  • List of observers providing data and summary of dates of observations
  • Supportive meteorological and other appendices

A summary of the events 1996-1999 is presented in the following A4 illustrated article:
M. Limbert and Peter C. Roworth (2001) ‘White-spotted’ Bluethroats Nesting and Summering in Yorkshire. Bird News 4: 22-27.
This article has the following headings:

  • Introduction
  • The nesting/summering location
  • Pony Bridge Marsh
  • Setting the scene: 1995-96
  • 2nd June 1996
  • The 1996 breeding season
  • Pony Bridge Marsh as a breeding habitat
  • The weather and its effects in 1996
  • The events of 1997-2000
  • The course of potential colonisation
  • Acknowledgements
  • References

The Forum holds a stock of both these publications at the following prices:

M. Limbert and Peter C. Roworth (1999) Bluethroats at Thorne: An Observational Diary. Lapwing Special Series No. 8. Doncaster & District Ornithological Society 111 pages A4 comb-bound. £2.50 + £2.50 p&p

Bird News 4 – 44 page A4 size magazine containing 6 page colour illustrated article “White-Spotted Bluethroats nesting and summering in Yorkshire” by Martin Limbert and Peter C. Roworth. £2.50 + £1.50 p&p

The original insect inventory of Thorne Moors

The Forum’s second Monograph, ‘An Inventory of the Invertebrates of Thorne and Hatfield Moors’, presents a comprehensive and scholarly summary of the invertebrate fauna of the Humberhead Peatlands. The insect component of the Monograph had two precursors, detailing separately the insects of Thorne Moors (supplement to Sorby Record No. 23) and Hatfield Moors (THMCF Technical Report No. 7). The Thorne list, published in 1987 by the Sorby Natural History Society, is also available from the Forum. It includes the following sections:

    • Introduction
    • A History of Recording
    • The Entomological Importance of Thorne Moors
    • Further Work
    • References
        • This publication remains an essential reference in the progress of Thorne Moors documentation, and has lasting value.

    Peter Skidmore, Martin Limbert and B.C. Eversham (1987) The Insects of Thorne Moors. Sorby Record 23(Supplement): 1985 pp 89-[153]. A5 size £0.50 + £1.50 p&p

    W. & J.C. Casson Horticultural Stock-list

    The horticultural venture of W. & J.C. Casson is described inter alia in THMCF Technical Reports Nos 12 and 14. The Casson business became established on the south-western flank of Thorne Moors, and was centred on the cultivation of hybrid rhododendrons. However, many other shrubs and woody plants were also raised. A Casson stock-list issued in 1872 had a supplementary sheet tipped-in dated 1874. These were republished (with a Preface by Martin Limbert) by the Thorne Local History Society as Thorne Local History Society Occasional Paper No. 12. This appeared in 1993, and was reprinted in 1996. Copies of the reprint are available from the Forum.

    “An early Horticultural Stock List published at Thorne” with preface by Martin Limbert. Thorne Local History Society Occasional Paper No. 12 This contains the verbatim text of the 1872 Stock List of W and J.C. Casson. A5 booklet 20 pages with facsimile card cover. £1.25 + 75p p&p

    A contribution to the history of the British Insect fauna

    P.C. Buckland, Department of Geography, University of Birmingham 1979.

    Available as a free download (6.5MB)

    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Reports

    The former Thorne Moors bird reports detailed each year 1990-2003. From 2004, they were superseded by the Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report, each of which comprises an annual systematic list covering fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. In addition, notes and papers are also sometimes included, plus extra records from earlier years if necessary. Details of the reports are as follows:

    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2004. Compiled by M. Limbert, published 2005. Pp.1-15.
    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2005. Compiled by M. Limbert, published 2006. Pp.1-15.
    Includes first draft of place-names map.
    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2006. Compiled by M. Limbert, published 2007. Pp.1-12.
    Includes: ‘Effects of deer on epiphytic bryophytes’ by C. Wall
    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2007. Compiled by M. Limbert, published 2008. Pp.1-20.
    Includes: ‘Black-necked Grebes on Thorne Moors 1998-2007’ by M. Limbert
    The above Thorne Moors Vertebrates Reports are A4 size and saddle-stapled, copies are available at £1 per issue, including p & p.

    From 2008 onwards it was decided to publish these reports on-line, the report below is now available as a free download:
    Thorne Moors Vertebrates Report 2008. Compiled by M. Limbert, published 2009. Pp.1-16.
    Includes: ‘Further historical records of Fox from Thorne Moors’ by M. Limbert

    From 2009 separate reports are being compiled for birds, mammals, and cold-blooded vertebrates. The Thorne Moors Bird Report for Thorne Moors Bird Report 2009 and Thorne Moors Mammals report 2009 and Thorne Moors Bird Report 2010 have been published as downloads.