It was accepted that some volumes of Thorne & Hatfield Moors Papers would probably have to deviate from the established A5 format, to facilitate the publication of large diagrams and/or very long texts, which would demand A4 size. This was not regarded as being entirely satisfactory, and it was eventually decided that the optimum solution lay in having a companion serial publication, Thorne & Hatfield Moors Monographs. However, a further development in the Monograph concept emerged in 2000, with a decision to regard each Monograph as publishable in the most applicable place. Thus the Monographs became regarded as a text, rather than as a Forum volume per se, for publication within either a non-Forum framework, or as a Forum volume, as appropriate.

The advantage of this flexible approach led to the publication of the first Monograph as an issue of the B.A.R. British Series.It is entitled ‘A palaeoecological study of raised mires in the Humberhead Levels’, by Dr B.M. Smith, and was published during 2002.

The second Monograph “An Inventory of the Invertebrates of Thorne & Hatfield Moors” by Peter Skidmore. appeared in print in 2007 as a 162 page A4 softback. The first part of the book contains an introduction describing the moors, details of biological recording there, short accounts of the fauna in the eight habitat categories used, a list of references and three detailed maps. There are also 18 of Peter’s superb paintings of insects. Eight of these are full page plates of beetles. The inventory itself lists 4790 species. Each species entry includes a habitat code, regional and national statuses and the year of the most recent record on each moor.